FasTriX Framework doing

I have done a lot for undo & redo and also for view persistence by now. There will be a release soon that will have the functionality of fastrix-wb-3 but with the additional features of undo & redo and view persistence.

Actual FasTriX release

Mkay, there is a release now as fastrix-wb-3. Note: the language of the release is German. I haven't done the translations yet. I will be off in Berlin/Potsdam for WLP 2004 and come back to the project afterwards.
Oh, and before i forget: for anyone interested in joining FasTriX, i have set up a little todo-list today. It is more comfortabe for me this way than using the Sourceforge provided mechanism. Feel free to take a look at it, even if you arent involved (hell, i am the only one involved! :-)).
And another one: tomorrow's my birthday. Hooray.
P.P.S.: There is also a german version of the web page now. Look at the top of the menu, you can swich there or change directly here.

FasTriX revival

Oh my, a lot of time passed. Haven't thought i have left the page lonely for so long time. Well, i am now finally alone and working as single girl-for-everything guy on the project.
Besides this fact, the orientation of FasTriX has changed by now. It will be more roleplay frienldy now. FasTriX will become a tool that supports game master and player outgame, and not ingame. Well, i have started again to build a modularized application, and i think i am pretty close to what i am striving for. However, i have still to upload a release and commit the new code base.
Oh, and i have still to make some translations: first translate the home page into german, and second translate the FasTriX messages into english ;-)

FasTriX hibernation

Time passed, the small developer team of FasTrix remains unchanged. Release amitions have obviously got broken, but the project is still alive in my mind, though i am the only one working on it. It will take a lot of time under the current conditions to finish the work. Since i did not have the time to work on this project, the pages stood a bit still for this time. I hope this will change by now.

FasTriX release Alpha M1

The first release of FasTriX has been published. This release includes the character editor, but no further functionality. This is milestone 1 on the way to Alpha 1. You can download it from Sourceforge. Have fun.

FasTriX wants you

The FasTriX project is looking for new coders, thinkers and designers. if you are interested, then take a look at the join page.

FasTriX homepage online

The FasTriX Homepage has gone online.