A small TODO list

Translation issues

Create an english translation of the application.

Logo & Images

Create the FasTriX logo. Something like F\bot^x (for latexians) came into my mind...
Some images for the background would be also neat - especially something "shadowrunny".

Look & Feel

Still have to find out how to integrate the different look and feels. Specifying fixed sizes for elements is difficult, since for example GTK has huge borders. The L & F update also doesn't work completely right by now.

Undo & Redo

Is mostly done. I just have to persuade myself that i didn't dig my own hole with it.

View persistence

Is mostly done. See above.

Dicing Module

Create the reduced version of the GUI for embedded use in other modules.

Programming Module

Continue programming the utility editor, the other editors are missing as well... lots of work here.

Deck Construction Module

Not started yet, everything open.

IC Design Module

Not started yet, everything open.

Matrix System Design Module

Not started yet, everything open (Some code base from the old FasTriX exists, though).