Welcome to the Homepage of the FasTrix project. FasTrix is a Java™-based helper tool for Matrix-related topics of Shadowrun, version 3.0.
FasTrix will allow shadowrun players to manage decker-related off-play tasks such as programming and cyberdeck construction. But FasTrix will also be a tool for game masters that will allow to design IC and matrix systems in preparation for a matrix run. For the current status of the project, you may want to take a look at the FasTrix news.

What is FasTriX for?

FasTriX wants to help game masters and players to handle decking issues before the roleplay session even begins.
FasTriX wants to keep the Matrix alive in Shadowrun. I guess that many roleplaying groups sadly leave by side as much as possible the complexity and whole beauty of the Matrix. FasTriX simply wants to bring it back to Shadowrun.
FasTriX will ease preparation of Matrix runs and decker administration (without providing a character generator, though).

What is the current state of development?

Well, after about one and a half years of existence of the project, the orientation has changed. Nevertheless, since no further support for development could be found, the project is not quite far from the point of implementation. By now, the dicing facility is implemented - all other is to be done by now, though the old code base exist. Previously, FasTriX aimed to substitute the game master completely for decking.

Why are you implementing FasTriX?

I am a Shadowrun player and game master as well. I know about the weaknesses of the Shadowrun rule system, and especially of the Matrix rules. But I see a high potential for cure in such an approach.

What technology do you use for FasTriX?

I use the following tools and technology for programming FasTriX: and some more.