Documentation is spare... Some general concepts are following, next is the overview over the modules.


The main goal ofr FasTriX is usability. Short mouse paths, comfortable buttons, full undo/redo support where appropriate and printing facility will be provided. Another main issue is interface persistence - if you are leaving FasTriX, you will find everything as you left it - with undo/redo state just as everything else.


FasTrix is a helper program for the Shadowrun™ Matrix™.
Its target is to ease the play of Matrix runs or Matrix tasks of players and game masters. It is based upon Shadowrun, version 3.01D and Matrix 3.01D published by FanPro and Wizkids. This program is thought for both game masters and players.
The program consists of the following modules:

1. Dicing

Allows to roll open ended an success tests. Respects karma rules, i.e. you can buy dice, make rerolls and buy successes.

2. Characters

Stores programming and deck construction relevant data for characters. I.e. you can store skills and equipment for your characters that is automatically retrieved in the deck constructing and programming modules.

3. Programming

Handles programming tasks for utilities, deck component softwares, ics, frames, ic-constructs, viruses and worms. I.e. you can design a piece of sotware with all Matrix options and manage the time progress of the implementation by your character. Printing results and progress facility is also included.

4. Decks

Handles deck construction for both buying decks and designing decks. You can customize your deck or design pieces of decks yourself. Printing results and progress facility is also included.

5. ICs

Creates specific ics for matrix hosts. You can design all kinds of ics, worms, viruses and ic-constructs to use them in the matrix design. Printing results facility is also included.

6. Matrix Design

Creates custom or random hosts or whole matrix systems. You can lay out RTGs, LTGs, PLTGs and Hosts as well as create randomly on the fly a random host or random system consisting of an arbitrary number of hosts. Printing results facility is also included.